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Erratic Behavior

Actions taken by the Kingdom owing to Canada's statements on human rights in the Kingdom are the sovereign right of every state to have its model of the supremacy of law and its effective and equitable legal regulation based on its traditions, needs and circumstances regardless of what other states consider or believe to be able to engage in and impose illegal dictates in the international law. .
The Canadian position gives a clear indication that there are those in the West who believe that they have the right to exercise guardianship over the countries they consider third world countries in a reprehensible and unacceptable superiority, so how about a state that possesses all the components of the modern state and is active member of the international community politically and economically with matchless lofty religious rank?! Yet, it is about some western mentalities and those who follow their pattern that  they believe they have reached progress and rise, a matter which allows them to play a role that is not theirs and cannot take over under any circumstances.
If we want to open the door for logic and objective discussion, we find that a country like Canada has its own internal problems that we can very much raise and dictate to the Canadian government what to do about them. For the record, the Statistics Canada reported that hatred crimes against Muslims have increased by 60% in 2015. This is unacceptable in the entire Muslim world that Muslims are subjected to attacks in a country that praises human rights and deems itself a protector of them while it is unable to protect the Muslim Canadian community on its territory. One more example is reflected in a UN report stating: " Racism against the black exists in the hearts of a myriad of Canadian institutions, contributing to inequalities at the levels of health, housing, education and employment, and inflaming the excessive representation of African Canadians in the criminal justice system!"
So, where are the human rights advocated by the Canadian government while practicing racial discrimination among its citizens and with a UN testimony?
The constants in the Saudi politics are known, most importantly, the non-intervention in the affairs of other countries and we do not accept intervention in our affairs. The Canadian government should have been aware of this and consider it before going into it.

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