Saudi Ambassador to Egypt Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz Qattan

Cairo - SPA
Qattan: Kingdom is keen to support Palestinian cause, measures against Qatar are sovereign

Saudi Ambassador to Egypt Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz Qattan, who is also his
country's Permanent Representative to the Arab League and the Dean of
the Arab Diplomatic Corps accredited to the host country of Egypt,
currently leading the Kingdom's delegation to the 148th session of the
Arab foreign ministers in Cairo, said that Custodian of the Two Holy
Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, is keen to strengthen
cooperation between Saudi Arabia and all the countries of the world.

He added that the Kingdom is keen on the unity and sovereignty of
Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Libya. Saudi Arabia is also keen on the safety of
their territories, restoring security, advancing their march towards
development and building as the political solution based on legitimate
and international resolutions is the only way to solve these issues, he

There is no need to repeat the official positions of the Kingdom on these issues which is well known to all.

Qattan considered that the actions taken by Saudi Arabia, the United
Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arab Republic of Egypt
against Qatar are sovereign measures, based on the wrong policies
practiced by the Qatari Government over many years in supporting and
financing terrorism and hosting those involved in terrorism on its
territory, spreading hatred and interfering in the internal affairs of
other states.

The 13 demands submitted by these countries and the six principles
are in fact meant to highlight the Qatari violations and call on it to
abide by former agreements, he said, citing that Qatar did not abide by
the Riyadh Agreement of 2013 and the Riyadh Agreement of 2014 and
continued its negative and hostile policies towards the countries of the

We have had to take these measures for the benefit of Qatar on one
hand and our security and stability on the other, he said, citing that
there are several Arab and international condemnations of these actions
carried out by Qatar.

"The four countries will continue to adhere to these demands until Qatar
responds to these demands," he said. "Unfortunately, Qatar has given
its first hope to end its crisis with the four countries that have
boycotted it since then. 5 June 2017 after the telephone call between
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Deputy Premier
and Minister of Defense, and the Emir of Qatar, who made the call, where
Qatar evaded and distorted the reality of the contents of the telephone
call that took place.

The Dialogue with Qatar will be suspended until Qatar issues a clear
position, publicly, showing its willingness to dialogue. What has Qatar
done reinforced the fact that they are unwilling to enter into

On Qatar's rapprochement with Iran, Qattan explained that "this is a
sovereign decision, but the embrace in the arms of the Iranians and
others will only lead to ruin and destruction and will have a negative
effect on them".

Everyone, especially in the GCC states, recognizes the destructive
Iranian role which is the interference in internal affairs and
destabilization and security in GCC states. No country has dealt with
Iran and achieved good from behind it. If the Qatari regime thinks that
it has an interest in rapprochement with Iran, the coming days will
prove that this is not true at a time when the Qatari people themselves
will not accept that Iran will have a role in Qatar. "

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