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Active Ramadan : Tips to stay fit & healthy .

Ramadan comes every year with a range of festive activities, whether its Iftar feasting, late night shopping or sleepless nights with family & friends, those activities usually results in more food and lack or break of your fitness routine.

Studies actually show that fasting, when done correctly, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces disease risk and supports weight loss. Hence the importance of staying healthy & active. 

Maintaining an active lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym daily, but rather be aware of the small activities through out the day that can make a difference. You don’t have to be an athlete to move and get motivated. You can use Apple Watch Series 4 to be your ultimate fitness companion to keep track of all your efforts & movements. Whether you are getting your grocery  or participating in a decathlon, your Apple Watch knows your movements and will inform you accordingly.

We have put together a guide with few tips to keep you energized, fit and encourage you to achieve new milestones while not missing anything out there.

For those who want to track their daily activities

During Ramadan, you will need all your energy to stay focus, control yourself & get rid of bad habit.

- At work or at home, do quick gentle stretching to avoid extreme fatigue during the day. Apple Watch series 4 is aimed to be your active partner and offer features that will remind you to take a breath, walk or simply stand up if you been inactive for too long. If you want to make it more fun, try to download Wakeout from the App Store, for a chance to  access 600+ fun exercises to be done exactly where you are right now.

- While enjoying some dreamy Ramadan night markets or just shopping in-malls, the activity app in your Apple Watch will count your total steps , distance and calories. Make it a regular practice during the week and track your progress. It can only motivate you to score more everyday, you’d be surprise by the results ! 

- Spend that extra time you have until Iftar to refocus on yourself and relieve accumulated stress with meditation. We all know how difficult it can be to concentrate on an empty stomach but as your body needs to remain active so needs your brain. Choose the yoga workout in the Apple Watch to trace all types of yoga sessions from restorative to power vinyasa flow. You might also want to download Calm from the App Store your go-to solution for meditation & conscientiousness. Listen to stories, music or instructions to relax from the convenience of your AirPods and free yourself for mindful movements.  

For those who want to monitor their workouts

In addition to keeping track of your daily activities, your Apple Watch will help you monitor your workouts.

- Fasting is not an excuse to become couch potato or give-up your training; instead adapt your workout routine accordingly. Exercise one hour before Iftar rather than morning sessions to avoid dehydration & lack of energy during the day. It's also a good way to distract your mind until you break your fast, as the last hours are known to be the most difficult.

- Given the very hot weather in Dubai at this period, you might consider to train indoor. Dubai Sports world offers more than 25,000 m² of air conditioned space for sports & fitness classes, whether you’d like to get fit, play for fun or play to win. Your Apple Watch will automatically detect most popular sports while you move; like running, cycling, swimming & many more thus alert you to start the dedicated workout app to screen your efforts , if you haven’t done so.

- Always listen to your body! Avoid long periods of cardio if you feel dehydrated. Set up clear target & map your run thanks to the Pace alert on your wrist that will notify you if you are behind or ahead of your objective. Don’t over do it as your recovery time may suffer, alternatively use the Cadence feature on your Apple Watch; it will keep you safe from injuries by sending you information about your steps per minute, allowing you to adjust your running technique.

- Use GymKit workout equipment with your Apple Watch to experience a complete digital fitness solution. GymKit offers two-way synchronization between Apple Watch and gym equipment for more accurate distance, pace and energy burn metrics such as speed, calories & heart rate. 

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