Riyadh Daily
Palestinian cause – first among all issues

The Palestinian cause is central to the Arab Muslim world, which has been constantly seeking a comprehensive and permanent solution to the long-drawn problem. Saudi Arabia has been in the forefront of countries concerned with the Palestinian issue, with all its political, economic and social aspects. The Saudi leadership does not consider its efforts to solve the Palestinian crisis as a mere duty, but takes it as a big responsibility.
Saudi Arabia launched the King Fahd Peace Project at the Arab summit in Fez in 1982 and the Arab Peace Initiative in 2002. The Kingdom also sponsored the Fatah-Hamas agreement in Makkah in 2007. At the Arab summit in Cairo in 2000, Saudi Arabia suggested the establishment of two funds – the Al-Aqsa Fund and the Jerusalem Intifada Fund with a capital of one billion dollars. The Kingdom donated 200 million dollars to the Al-Aqsa Fund, with a capital of 800 million dollars, and 50 million dollars to the Jerusalem Intifada Fund, with a capital of 200 million dollars.
The Saudi government also strongly supported the Palestinian refugees, providing humanitarian aid to them, besides supporting international agencies and organizations concerned with refugees.
Despite the Kingdom's strong ties with the USA, it rejected the decision taken by the US President to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem and described it as a step that does not help reach a just and comprehensive solution to the issue. It also undermined the principle of establishing a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.
The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques has also contacted the Palestinian President affirming Saudi Arabia’s strong commitment to the Palestinian cause – the first among all issues for the Kingdom.

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