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Where or who are you?

Yes, this is the right and the best question to start knowing yourself it is more important than who are you?

The place and community as you are there and with them that clearly are paying big or the biggest role and factor that determine and forming your personality and charisma.

After you know, where you are then if you analyze what and who you are, you will find it easier to answer that as; the result will be shown that you are one of the products of that place, community, and environment.

It is easy to discover that, as we all travel and most of us surprise about the people at that place (even near places to you) how they are acting with their life and how they behave?

We justified as traditional or values of these peoples but it is acutely the values of that place so, the place and whom in that place is the most influential factor of people.

It is noticeable that people who study abroad or have a long assignment for long period abroad are changing regardless of positive or negative change but for sure, there is a change.

The advice coming from parents, friends, doctors, advisers, books …etc., that to change your mode or status is to travel or change the place, and many historical stories support that.

Spiritualists encourage you to do Meditation sessions and to get out of the situation that makes you nervous or unhappy actually they ask you to let your soul go to another place virtual place in real.

Heaven is also a place most of the people believe that it will be his or her end.

The place does not only control or formatting your personality it has is affecting your energy as that of  your working hours are influencing by the climate of your place even your shape and color of your skin that if you are in hot places.

Finally, the place and the people whom around you in that place is playing a critical role in formatting your personality and if you were aware of that it is clearly will assist you to analyze the strength and the weakness factors of you from your point of view and how to improve yourself and how to make it happy


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