Riyadh Daily
Brutal murder as world sleeps

Syrian President Bashar Assad has blood on his hands once again with his ruthless chemical attack against his own people in the rebel-held town of Douma. But what is appalling is that the international community remains silent to the terrible tragedy. In response to the massacre of innocent Syrians, one can only expect strong statements of condemnation and an urgent Security Council meeting – nothing beyond that.
Security Council members in New York will compete in denouncing the bloody regime. And then the game ends with a Russian veto. It’s soon back to square one, giving Assad an altogether new opportunity to experiment with new ways of killing and torturing the Syrians.    
With the international community standing helplessly on the margins of the massacre, the Syrian regime is emboldened to slaughter the country’s own children, women and the elderly. The Syrian crisis is slowly shifting to new levels of turmoil with the country becoming a battlefield of the superpowers. 
Those surviving the chemical attack are eyewitnesses to one of the most brutal crimes against humanity. But despite this, it is futile to expect a firm stance by the Security Council.
Everyone, except for Assad and his supporters, hope that the international community adopts a more credible stance to stop the regime’s crimes. The urgent need of the hour is to achieve a peaceful solution based on the principles of Geneva 1 Declaration and Security Council Resolution 2254. Or else, one can only expect more such atrocities at the hands of the coldblooded Assad regime.

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