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Sponsoring Terrorism

We are not going to jump to conclusions concerning the bombing of the two ships in the Gulf of Oman and we are not going to throw around accusations without evidence.

This is not our fault and we look for the truth to point the finger.

Meanwhile, we cannot overlook the facts, the evidence and the earlier Iranian threats to block the Strait of Hormuz before navigation, which is still in the near memory, and one of the highest practices of the Iranian regime, especially following the US pulling out of the nuclear deal and the imposition of the economic blockade.

If we raise the question of who is behind the attack on the two carriers and before them the attack on ships in UAE's Fujairah Port, and what message to convey through these attacks? If the answer is the international terrorism, we would ask what it would gain, especially since no one claimed responsibility for the attacks, a matter which would strips the message off its meaning without reaching its goal.

The Answer might be a terrorist organization sponsored by some state which provides it with facilities.

This possibility may take us straight to Iran. It is perfectly a sponsor of terrorism, and has past and present actions which place it under indictment despite its attempts to prove the contrary to no avail, because its actions and words go the opposite way, and cannot be trusted as happened on many occasions. Iran repeatedly threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz.

It said that if the Iranian oil is not exported, so no other country in the region will export its oil, and many other hostile statements that make us not hesitate to think that Iran is behind the recent attacks in the Gulf. It is the first and last beneficiary unchallenged.

All the signs fairly point to Iran. It wants to prove its word and position, even if it is through terrorism.

Here comes the role of the international community which has always overlooked the hostile Iranian positions either directly or through their lackeys, and often tried to justify its acts in order to preserve narrow trade interests without considering international interests that are negatively affected because of the devastative Iranian policies causing instability in the region and the world.

The weak international positions have no room any longer, otherwise the losses will be much greater as long as the Iranian regime does not find it a deterrent to its sponsorship of terrorism.

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