Saudi Green Initiative Forum Opens in Dubai

The 3rd Saudi Green Initiative Forum (SGI Forum) starts in Dubai to discuss some of the most critical sustainability themes, like energy transition, protecting the seas, and unlocking climate finance to enable climate action.
 SGI Forum, held concomitant with COP28 under the slogan "From Ambition to Action", will delve into projects and initiatives in different parts of the Kingdom.
 SGI Forum is an annual platform convening policy makers, thought leaders and climate experts from around the world to share insights and views, and have serious discussions regarding the best solutions to effectively overcome the climate challenges and reach a more sustainable regional and global future.
 SGI Forum enables visitors to listen and interact with a group of local and international climate experts regarding the most important trends in the field of sustainability.
 The Saudi Green Initiative is an ambitious initiative launched by HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince and Prime Minister, in 2021 with the aim of combating climate change, improving the quality of life, and protecting the planet for future generations.
 More than 80 initiatives are being implemented to contribute to achieving the goals of the Saudi Green Initiative, all considered massive projects in the sector of the green economy.

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