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Pivotal Role

More sense of optimism than expected predominated the G20 Summit, which is wrapping up its activities in Japan's Osaka today, despite the many thorny issues such as; the global economy and the impact of structural factors on it, trade and investment as the summit is seeking to promote investment in infrastructure, in addition to measures aimed at further strengthening the foundation of sustainable development, innovation and driving it, including digitization, to achieve economic growth, enhance productivity and the environment and energy files that are of interest to world leaders, especially in view of the climatic changes, as well as variables in the labor market in order to increase productivity and the empowerment of women to achieve sustainable and inclusive economic growth. The meetings are also going through concrete actions to promote the growth and development potential, and sustainable funding for enhancing the universal health coverage in the developing countries.

These files hold a paramount importance to the global economy and how to take it to broader areas to achieve growth in light of the political, economic and social changes, and the risks that may arise from bilateral disputes, in addition to the threats that hinder the energy supply, a matter that adversely affect the growth of the global economy.

The Saudi delegation to the G20 Summit, chaired by His Highness the Crown Prince, has had a remarkable presence as usual, a matter that we all have seen. 

The meetings held by His Highness both in the corridors of the Summit and on its sidelines demonstrate that the Kingdom is an effective player in the global economy and always leaves a positive impact. This is recognized and appreciated by countries of the world. 

The Kingdom is the equalizing force that maintains the balance of the international energy market through its balanced policies that take consider the interests of producers and consumers alike, a matter that helps the growth of the global economy, its prosperity and the continued rotation of its wheel. The Kingdom plays a pivotal role in the global economy, which should be commended.

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