"Khamenei"… Terror devil turns Arab youth against their governments

Supreme Iranian Leader Ali Khamenei never hesitates to give up anything, in return for provoking political unrest in the Arab and Islamic nations, and igniting the sectarian strife within the stable countries, and he would love it if the list of these countries included the near Gulf countries.
The Iranian leader, unusually, gave up his Persian language and pointed his tongue towards the Arabic, which he speaks fluently, trying to poison the honey, chanting and crying in front of the television screens on Holy Jerusalem, and inciting Arab and Muslim youth against the leaderships of their nations to keep Jerusalem from being lost "as he claims."
Khamenei's speech was not confined to incitement only, but also to a mixture of incitement and the calling the Arab youth to stand by Iran in its war against the West, specifically the United States, which pulled out of the Iranian nuclear deal in the last month.
Khamenei's incitement to the Arab youth was evident in the speech he delivered yesterday on the occasion of the 29th death anniversary of the founder of the Iranian Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini. Khamenei began his speech in Persian. He challenged the whole world that his country would not sit idly by any attempt aimed at discourage it from possessing mass destruction weapons. He said that he directed the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) to start carrying out measures at its nuclear facilities with a view to reaching 190 thousand Separative Work Units (SWUs), (fissionable isotopes of uranium) in a new Iranian bargaining with countries of the world and an attempt to blackmail them to achieve further political and financial gains, in case they negotiate again the future of the Iranian nuclear program.
According to observers, Khamenei made use of the very speech to send an Arabic public inciting message, rarely taking place by him, to the youth of the Arab world in particular, calling on them to disobey and rebel against their governments and to work individually to achieve the alleged "freedom", using the Palestinian issue and Al-Aqsa Mosque's position into the hearts of the Arab and Muslim youth.
Khamenei addressed the Arab youth with his toxins: "I tell them, young people, that you are the best hope for your nations. Get yourselves prepared yourselves for a tomorrow in which your countries will enjoy freedom, progress and independence," without elaborating on the details of that tomorrow and the mechanism for achieving it on the ground.
He accompanied the incitement of youth against their governments by saying: "You, young people, bear the responsibility of abolishing this false equation. I invite you, my dear ones, to be filled with hope, innovation, work and building your personalities. Care for building your personalities. The future will be yours if you are building it today."
According to observers, this speech implies explicit call for the Arab youth to reject all whatever is issued by their governments and rebel against them.
Khamenei said in his speech: "Submitting to the U.S hegemony, taking no firm and decisive reaction to the Zionist foe, the belligerent attitudes by our brothers and groveling to enemies, all have turned some Arab governments to be enemies to their people!!"
Analysts opine that Khamenei's call of incitement for the Arab youth has reached a clear level that cannot be ignored. It predicts new Iranian schemes attempting to reproduce the Arab Spring again, so as to provoke a wave of strife and coups inside the Arab countries, a matter which is evident through Khamenei's use of Arabic "suddenly", after speaking Persian.  
Some argue that Khamenei's deceit was so clear as crystal, especially when he unsuccessfully tried to involve the Palestinian cause and Holy Jerusalem in his speech, and to delude the Arab world that Iran is the only country in the region that defends Holy Jerusalem. Meanwhile, they wonder why the armies and militias supported by Iran are no driven against Israel, instead of fighting Muslims in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen!
They wondered again why the Iranian security forces were muzzling, murdering and arresting the Iranian youth when they recently objected to their country's policy and demanded freedom, decent living and non-interference into the affairs of other countries.

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