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Serpent Never Dies

Can a serpent turn into a peaceful animal abandoning its poisonous canines? This is certainly impossible to happen, and the same applies to Iran and its Houthi militias in Yemen. 

Although the Iranian serpent attempts to change its color and to cover the arms and logistic support it provides for its Iranian canine, the fact is evident on the ground through the stamps carrying the sources of weapons and projectiles fired by the Houthis towards the Kingdom and before it inside Yemen and which were all strongly-worded condemned by the UN Security Council.

Al-Houthi went on with targeting civilian objects such as airports and other civilian sites that claimed the lives of some innocent civilians, including women and children, taking this hostile act up to a war crime accountable under the international law.

The Houthi militias and their Iranian backers may fantasize that the drones provided for them to target the innocents will bring gains on the ground and thus allow them to paint a positive image for their naive supporters, but the true image reflects military and political bankruptcy strictly speaking. 

The Houthis broke all the vows and the agreements they signed and that could have led to peace in Yemen. 

Their Iranian projectiles and drones did not provide them with what they hoped to become a political component with military capability in Yemen, but what they achieved was little more than a small agent that Iran seeks to show as a bloc which can influence the Yemeni affairs.

Whether Tehran and its Houthi agent continue their attempts to blow up ships or cause damage to the energy sources globally, they are well aware that they will acquiesce to the international community's demands for peace, stability and a safe flow of energy.

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