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KSA Confirms its Ongoing Fight against Poverty Globally

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has affirmed its continuation to fight poverty at domestic and global levels through its moral and humanitarian responsibility towards others, pointing to its role in providing humanitarian assistance and contributing to helping the poorest countries and developing countries as well as to supporting the international organization concerned in the fight against poverty.

This came in the Kingdom's speech delivered by the Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Nabil bin Mohammed Al Saleh, before the Second Committee of the United Nations General Assembly at its 73rd session in New York during the Committee's discussion on poverty eradication and other development issues.

Al-Saleh said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stresses the importance of international cooperation to combat the economic and social hardships of developing countries and that it attaches great importance to development issues and supporting development efforts in developing countries with the aim of eradicating extreme poverty and helping people facing special and emergency situations and natural disasters.

Ambassador Al Saleh also pointed out that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the first countries to respond quickly and to assist people around the world and that it is one of the most important donor countries in the world, where the total humanitarian assistance provided by King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center for poor countries amounted to more than one billion and 800 million dollars to support projects related to food security, water, environmental sanitation, nutrition, health, shelter, education services, support and coordination of humanitarian and other logistics services, where the total number of projects implemented by the Center in different Services reached 269 projects in cooperation with 80 international partners.

He said that the countries most benefiting from these projects were Yemen, Syria, Somalia and Rohingya (Myanmar displaced persons and refugees in Bangladesh).

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's speech, the permanent delegation to the UN also referred to the Kingdom's efforts to address the problems of poverty by supporting the establishment of a fund of the Islamic Development Bank, in which the Kingdom donated $ 1 billion as a contribution to this fund, explaining that the Kingdom's total non-refundable aid and soft development assistance over the past three decades amounted to more than $ 100 billion.

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