Riyadh Daily
US Approach

The US approach to dealing with the Iranian regime has begun to bear fruit despite the contrived harsh tone that the regime has tried to raise menacingly, despite its internal and external enviable position.
After the US had pulled out of the nuclear deal, lots of realities have changed, and a new phase of the US deal has started with Iran that is completely different from its predecessor which used to take from truce and appeasement a way to deal with the Iranian regime. This regime has become at some point believing to be in control of the situation and can impose conditions and make gains that it has never dreamed of. Yet, with the arrival of President Trump's administration to the White House, realities have changed, the previous policies have differed and a new era has begun to deal firmly with the rogue Iranian regime which has not yet absorbed the change in the US policy and is still behaving as the strongest party in the nuclear deal which has become weaker after the US withdrawal from it. It has begun imposing a package of sanctions that will be put into action as of tomorrow, and will negatively impact the Iranian economic side which is already fragile. Additionally, the regime has been wasting the wealth of the Iranian people to crises which it has created to achieve expansionary goals that will only bring devastation to Iran. The current Iranian people's uprising against that regime is only the beginning of the regime's inevitable collapse as long as it continues to pursue aggressive policies that will make it the first victim.

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