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Terrorism Recycling

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan does not stop his political games and disrespect for all values and norms of international politics and principles. It is a role that has become a form of provocation, belittlement and shallowness, which makes Erdogan a source of chaos and a threat to international peace and security. 

Those who follow up the behavior of this president find that the common denominator that translates his impulses and adventures, which are ill-considered and incompatible with the rudiments of the solid political work, is shallow and pragmatic in its worst form. 

Pragmatism is that principle created by William James who claimed that values and morals are unnecessary in our political and economic dealings and all other dealings. 

The Turkish President applied this principle and fully represented it without taking into account any values, morals or even regard for international agreements. This is all driven by his legendary greed and unachievable dreams to take hold of the wealth and capabilities of countries surrounding Turkey to resurrect the superannuated Ottoman Empire, which was thrown by time into the dustbin of history.

Erdogan's recycling of terrorism is intolerable, and the international community seeking security and stability will not stand idly by. 

The Security Council’s decisions to bring pacification into tense countries and the subsequent decisions provide not to fuel conflicts or carry out security breaches in conflict areas a matter which should be applied and complied with, as the world is no longer a chaotic and lawless jungle.

When we refer to the process of recycling terrorism in the Arab countries, we do not proceed out of assumptions or expectations, but facts and scenes that have become clear and evident, bringing disturbance, worry and boredom and calling the entire world for a serious stand. 

The international peace is a necessary demand that gives no chance for adventurous politicians who have been stripped off nobility and the ability to deal with life affairs in all its concerns, and troubles.

The Turkish side, led by its confused boss, is fueling the conflict that it started in Syria and moved it to those around it, and now it is trying to devote it in the brotherly Libyan side that seeks to heal its wounds and restore balance to its regions after a state of chaos and fighting driven by mercenary, oil thieves and slaves of greed and lusts.

This blatant interference has found a position rejecting blackmail, both from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , which is always biased, thanks to the centrality of its Arab and Islamic role, to every just cause that is not driven by greed, interests, or abhorrent pretext.

Certainly, the Libyan people, with their honorable and combative history, will not be satisfied with the humiliation of their land and capabilities. 

It is a position which is supported by honorable people from all countries who are gambling on human charity and development of homelands in any part of our vast and welcoming world.

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