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Yemen's information Minister: Iran is spreading terrorism and chaos in the region

Yemeni Minister of Information Moammar Al Eryani said that the Iranian
regime has crossed all redlines and become an extended tool to spread
Terrorism, chaos, destabilization of security and stability in the

In a press statement to SABA ( Official news agency in Yemen), he
pointed out that Yemen has suffered in years from malicious Iranian
policies and interventions, and the world now including influential
countries is experiencing the terrorism of this rogue regime.

He pointed to the warnings made by President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi
in 2013 of the Iranian regime's destabilizing role of the region's
security and stability and its efforts in exporting its Khomeini

The Iranian regime's terrorist acts included targeting and seajack
of commercial liners, forming the sectarian militia to launch its proxy
wars in the region including providing ballistic missiles and drones, he

The Yemeni Minister of Information called on the International
community to take a firm stance against the Iranian regime's practices,
declawing of its Houthi Militia and supporting the government of Yemen
to foil the coup and reinstated the statehood.

He urged to work hard to stop this tampering, chaos and the serious
threat to international waterways and global trade movement, which
affects the interests of the world as a whole.

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