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"Whoever is involved in corruption, will never go unpunished", opening words by His Excellency the Crown Prince that have launched a new era of transparency and fighting corruption at the highest levels. 

These words have soon become a reality, like an unprecedented level in the face of corruption in the Arab world, whether in terms of the size of the campaign or the nature and standing of the detainees. 

This is the basis for an Arab precedent against corruption represented in fighting it from top to bottom and not as it used to be prevailed in the Arab reality, by targeting young corrupt, and condoning those who are in the highest standing, in a close circle that do nothing but to reproduce corruption in other forms or new faces.

The Kingdom of Integrity has culminated this approach by announcing the results of the work of the Supreme Committee for Investigating Public Corruption and unveiling the State's restoration of SR400 billion during the campaign to defeat corruption. 

The announcement has come to reaffirm the full transparency approach adopted by the new Saudi Arabia, as part of the objectives of Vision 2030 to establish a great cultural and human renaissance. This trend also carries multiple messages internally and externally. 

It demonstrates the State's determination to confront corruption and the corrupt by addressing the potential kinks that provide an environment of corruption from the beginning, thus enhancing social immunity against any form of perversion or influence peddling. 

This has been stressed by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz, God preserve him, to deter anyone whoever thinks of misusing the public fund.

Moreover, The announcement of the results of the Supreme Committee for Investigating Public Corruption sends very important messages that the Kingdom moves towards social and economic reform, and the enhancement of principles of transparency and governance, a matter that reinforces the investment environment and attracts foreign capitals, as global investor's confidence increases, which will be definitely reflected on the stimulation of growth and job creation.

Protection of public fund, in this sense, is not just a legal process or a routine sovereign procedure, but it amounts to be a comprehensive development campaign that includes the entire sectors and segments of the Saudi society, and establishes the concept of the state of law and transparency. 

This will release all energies of the homeland and promote initiatives of development, modernization and investment in a climate of transparency and integrity to follow up the renaissance project and move towards the bright future.

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