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Era of decisiveness

The anti-corruption campaign conducted by the government is one of the most significant reformative steps taken by the King and the Crown Prince. However, despite the popular support for the campaign, vested interests abroad have been fabricating stories, which, of course, the citizens know well are untrue.  
The statement issued by the Attorney General Tuesday covers numerous facts refuting the allegations made by sections of the international media about the nature, objectives and outcomes of the campaign. By issuing the statement, the Attorney General has made these media outlets realize their moral and professional responsibility to correct their fabricated stories. Or else, it is only their credibility that is at stake.   
The reports spoke of “thousands of detainees” when the actual number is 381 since the formation of the Higher Anti-corruption Committee. A large number of them were only summoned to give testimony.
Contrary to what these foreign vested interests make it out to be, the Attorney General has confirmed that those innocent were freed, and so also the individuals who had agreed to financial settlements after admitting to wrongdoings. The total amount involved in the settlements was more than SR 400 billion in the form of assets, companies, securities, cash, etc.
The Attorney General said that 56 corruption suspects were still under investigation and continue to be in custody. These detainees, who account for less than 15 percent, are facing other criminal lawsuits as well.
Fake reports and analyzes will not have any effect on the people, who know well that an era of decisiveness and determinedness has set in for a better future for all.

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