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Solidarity Reflection

A historic event took place in Sudan yesterday by signing the final documents of the transitional period. It is an event that brought Sudan back to the normal course of an Arab country that almost collapsed and plunged into an unavoidable chaos. 

Sudan needed the solidarity of the efforts of its military and civilian institutions to get out of the crisis from which it already could get out by yesterday's accord, where the Arab and international presence was remarkable and commensurate with the size of the historic occasion that we were all pleased with.

The Arab solidarity was evident at its finest to reach the transitional period accord in Sudan. 

The Arab countries which reflect that solidarity and always call for it, especially the Kingdom, have contributed actively to the return of Sudan to stability, out of their full certainty that the stability of an Arab state represents stability in the rest of the Arab countries and strengthens solidarity. 

The Kingdom's support to Sudan is not temporal but a permanent position on various occasions, whether politically, economically or developmentally. The Sudanese brothers also contributed to the development stages in our country, a matter which we should be grateful for.

Sudan is called the "Arab World Food Basket" for the fertility of its vast lands, and the passage of two branches of the Nile River in those lands, namely the White Nile and the Blue Nile. 

Yet, the political events experienced by Sudan did not allow the optimal exploitation of these natural resources, but disrupted the development movement in all its forms, a matter which negatively affected the progress of Sudan. 

With the advent of a new dawn in Sudan, we look forward to Sudan's return to its supposed natural course as a safe, stable and effective Arab state, and we hope our brothers in Sudan would enjoy their present and shape their future as we all expect and seek for this fraternal country and for all the Arab countries.

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