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Quality philosophy: Deming's 14 Principles

Deming’s 14 Principles are a set of management practices that help improve an organization’s products, services, and processes for the long term. 

William Edwards Deming (1900 –1993) : 

1- American manufacturing engineer, PhD in mathematics and physics

2- A professor at New York University.

3- Traveled to Japan after World War II at the request of the Japanese government to help its industries improve productivity and quality. 

4- Became interested in how statistical analysis could be used to achieve better quality control in the 1930s. These quality-control methods helped Japan rebuild its devastated economy after World War II.

5- The Japanese government established in 1951 AD an award named after him (Deming Award) awarded annually to a company that is distinguished in terms of innovation in quality management programs. 

6- Deming was known as the "Father of Quality" in Japan. 

7- His books:

• “Quality, Productivity and Competitive Position”, Out of the Crisis (1982–1986).

• “The New Economics for Industry, Government, Education” (1993).

Deming’s 14 Points aims are:

1- Create a cycle of continuous quality improvement, 

2- Create positive environment and the relation between employees & customers.

3- Decreasing costs, 

4- Increased profit.

Deming’s 14 Points are:

1- Create a constant purpose toward improvement. 

2- Embrace the new philosophy.

3- Stop depending on inspections.

4- Utilize a single supplier for any one item.

5- Improve constantly and forever.

6- Use training on the job.

7- Implement leadership.

8- Eliminate fear.

9- Break down barriers among departments.

10- Remove unclear slogans.

11- Eliminate management by objectives.

12- Remove Barriers to Work Pride.

13- Implement education and self-improvement.

14- Make "transformation" everyone's job.

Deming’s 14 Points are considered as a philosophy of quality management, that can be put into place by any organization to more effectively.


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