By Beyenah Melhem
Frustrated Qatar making desperate attempts to ‘internationalize’ the holy sites

The Qatari regime’s desperation is clear when it repeatedly attempts to “internationalize” the holy sites in Makkah and Madinah. The regime’s flying visits to different countries have also proved to be a futile exercise, even as it is going that extra mile to curry favors from the Iranian regime by offering them military bases.
The security arrangements for the Haj and Umrah seasons are among the most difficult tasks of their kind in the world. The area where the pilgrims move to perform their rites is small, but with efficient handling, more than three million Muslims gather comfortably and peacefully during the Haj season.
Despite this logistic challenge, the Kingdom ensures that it provides the maximum comfort and facilities to every pilgrim. It offers a range of services to the pilgrims, with the top priority being protection from threats and attempts to disturb the pilgrimage by groups of malicious Iranian pilgrims.
This security challenge during the Haj and Umrah seasons, and when the pilgrims visit the Prophet’s Mosque, is a tall task. There is no country in the world that can successfully and efficiently run and organize such an event, where there are such large numbers of people in a limited area. In fact, the whole world looks to the Kingdom to study from its experience.
The problem of the frustrated Qatari regime is that it believes that it can internationalize the issue of Haj. It may not be aware that this issue is a red line for the Kingdom. History has shown that no attempts to play the Haj card have ever succeeded. The Iranians have also learnt this the hard way, and are still recovering from the futile attempt. They have only succeeded in digging their own graves with their own hands.

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