By Fouad Nasrallah
Crown Prince takes the Kingdom to new heights of glory

The historical visit paid to the United States, France and Spain by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is a major historical event, marked by a multitude of important dealings and interactions.
The ability of Saudi Arabia to consolidate its relations with world powers is rooted in the trust enjoyed by it within the international community. This international engagement not only puts a damper on the plots of foreign forces to undermine the security of the Kingdom, but also reassures potential investors. The Crown Prince also conveyed the changes he is bringing to the Kingdom in his modernization drive to ensure a bright future to the people.
Western observers acknowledge that the trip was greatly beneficial, and was not merely a courtesy visit or one grounded in protocol. The trip was an opportunity to clearly explain the Kingdom’s new plans aimed at serving the people by adopting modern methods and a strong stress on science. The Crown Prince made this clear in his talks in Washington and Paris.
The Crown Prince wished to address thorny issues as well through dialogue with the partnering countries. Despite their interrelations, the objectives were grouped in the following points:
First: Counter-terrorism at the highest level, and stopping 'Takfiri' entities throughout the region.
Second: Resisting the Iranian expansionist schemes through effective tactics, and trying to find strategic solutions that could achieve security and peace in a region, which is otherwise threatened by being a staging point for a global war.
Third: Attracting foreign capital to the Kingdom, and in turn seeking economic partnerships in multiple fields.
Fourth: Declaring what the authorities have done to fight corruption.
Fifth: Conducting a dialogue led by the Saudi technocrats for the benefit of both parties. Talks were held between Saudi Aramco and Amazon to set up a massive data-storage center. A space tourism venture with British businessman Richard Branson was also discussed. This is in addition to other talks to establish dairy farming in the desert kingdom in cooperation with French companies.
On the whole, the direct meeting between the Crown Prince and US President Donald Trump was transparent and friendly as there was a convergence of views. The few issues where there were differences were also addressed with a view to resolve them.
The Crown Prince's visit to Paris was on similar lines. There was some understanding as regards to the outcome of the anti-corruption campaign which some investors were waiting for. French President Emmanuel Macaron was briefed on the Kingdom’s fight against corruption to secure the future.
Political issues of common concern were also discussed, including the conflict in Syria and Yemen. These issues required further clarification from both sides, besides the discussions on the nuclear agreement with Iran that has stirred much concern in the region.
Some other points are worth noting:
First: Wide-ranging discussions on specialist topics in the interest of the public.
Second: The language used by the Crown Prince was based on self-confidence, with a determination to achieve the set goals and solve age-old problems.
Third: In the world of politics there are neither permanent hostilities nor friendships; what matters is the interest of the parties involved.
Fourth: The objective of the recent transformations in the Kingdom was not merely touching the surface, but ran deep to address the modern age.
Fifth: During the extensive discussions between the Crown Prince and the various leaders, it was apparent that the security and welfare of the Gulf constitutes an integral part of the Kingdom's responsibilities.
Sixth: The flexibility shown by the Crown Prince.
Seventh: The security training and the arming of land, sea and air forces in Saudi Arabia were important elements in all the visits. You cannot protect your modern projects without guaranteeing to protect them from enemies.
Eighth: The increase in the volume of Saudi exports to all the countries that he visited has emphasized the importance of the Kingdom’s industrialization drive, moving ahead from quantity to quality.
Ninth: Respect for women's rights was also stressed.

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