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Griffiths and Houthi's deceit

By accusing the United Nations of failing to meet its obligations, the Houthi-led coup has perfectly obeyed all the orders of its decision-makers in Iran to thwart the peace talks due to kick off yesterday in Geneva between the conflicting parties in Yemen.

What happened was expected by those who are aware of the Iranian tactic of disrupting any project leading to peace in any region where Tehran has mercenaries showing obedience and loyalty to the Vilayat-e Faqih without any awareness or sense of responsibility towards the countries to which they are supposed to be loyal, even through the identity documents.

This time, after repeating its slander towards the Arab Alliance and the legitimate government, it is now the turn of the international organization sponsoring the consultations. The coup group claimed that the UN backed out of the agreement on its participation in the talks, which included strange requirements such as providing an Omani plane to carry the participating delegation and a number of the wounded, in addition to guarantees to return to Sana'a after the consultations.

According to the Houthi narration, International Envoy, Martin Griffith, has committed to these items which the UN has not fulfilled without providing any explanation or evidence of how it realized the UN failure to fulfill these commitments. Guaranteeing the return to Sana'a can only be verified after the delegation decides to return, and then it is prevented from returning. Only then, the UN can be accused of violating the agreement, if it truly exists. Logic assumes that this cannot be an item to be discussed, let alone to be agreed upon.

As for the issue of flying the delegation and a number of the wounded, Griffith is supposed to answer two obvious questions to be posed, not only by the legitimate government but by any ordinary follower. Who are those wounded? And what is their status that allows them to fly to Geneva?

Answering these two questions can never be provided by the coups. In this case, attention could be turned to Griffith to know if he realized the extent of deceit practiced by the Iranian Houthi group in Yemen! Have the seven months that he spent in his mission as a UN envoy to Yemen been enough for him to recognize the party behind the prolonged suffering of the Yemeni people?

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