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The state of imbalance that the Arab world is going through requires all possible efforts to restore balance. It is not reasonable for the situation to remain as it is indefinitely. For this reason, it was necessary to take positions and measures that prevent the aggravation of the situation.

Greed for our Arab region is endless, which is evident through the Iranian and Turkish interventions in the affairs of the Arab countries without any reservation, a matter which reflects the Arab weakness that we live in. In the midst of the successive crises that are almost ravaging our Arab world, the Kingdom’s strong voice comes to put a watershed for a new beginning to help the Arab situation out of its reality. 

The statement of Prince Khalid bin Salman, Deputy Minister of Defense, that the Kingdom stands with brotherly Iraq and the Iraqis, and wards them off against the danger of warm is a clear indication of the deep sense of responsibility of the Kingdom’s leadership towards the Arab and Islamic worlds, and its efforts to address everything that may negatively affect the development, renaissance, growth, security, and stability of Arab and Islamic countries.

The Kingdom has always been sensing the great responsibility on its shoulders, and always doing it well. Although the Arab and Islamic worlds are the focus of its attention, it also always seeks to make the world a better place for living. This comes out of its political, economic and religious weight, embodied by its balanced initiatives and strategies that are represented in one of its pillars which is maintaining the stability of the oil market, that has a positive impact on the life of the world.

The Kingdom's policies always strive for a better, secure, stable, and prosperous Arab world, and spare no effort to reach this goal.

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