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Sustained March

Since the inception phase to this very moment, the wheel of modernization and development has not ceased to turn in the Kingdom. This has become a constant daily reality lived by the citizen and the resident on the land of the Kingdom  and anyone fairly looking from the outside into the Saudi reality far from skepticism.

Despite all the external conditions it has experienced and that have represented political, economic, social and cultural challenges, the Kingdom has continued to develop its institutions and strengthen its regional standing and international presence at a pace that has often preceded the future variables. This has enabled it to overcome crises of multiple forms and sources and easily move to safety.

Modernization and development works, which the State is keen to carry out regularly, are topped by the restructuring of government agencies in line with the spirit of the time to achieve the highest standards of quality in performance and services provided for citizens.

During the yesterday meeting of the Council of Ministers, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques emphasized that the last week-issued royal ordinances on the restructure of the Council of Ministers, the restructuring of some government agencies and the appointment of a number of ministers and officials come as part of the Kingdom's ceaseless keenness on ensuring the continuation of the development process and the policy of development. 

This ensures that achievement of the aspirations of the leadership and citizens concerning the performance of government agencies to the fullest extent, a matter that is positively reflected on the level of the provided services.

The leadership's keenness is offset by popular support that is enhanced by programs, plans and projects lived by the Saudi citizen and that build on the past and establish the future. This is encouraging and reassuring that the Saudi ship of good continues to sail on the right path despite the tsunamis that surround it from all sides.

Confidence in the governmental procedures and plans targeting the sustainable development and the highest standards of quality in performance increase day by day. This heralds a bright future that represents an extension of glowing present and past that has laid foundations of an entity whose good has included the whole world.

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