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Successful and Effective Management

“It is possible that managers, who have satisfied criteria for success, by moving up in the organization, may not be very effective. In his piece”

Fred Luthans, American management professor


The difference between effective and successful as an adjectives that effective person has the power to create a required influence while successful person is a resultant in success, promoting, assuring, accomplishing what was planned, affluent, finally happy and fortunate but how that to be in the management that what we will go through in this article.

Activities & Time

American management professor Mr. Luthans found on one of his research on managers as mentioned that in his book “Organizational Behavior- An Evidence-Based Approach” that all managers engaged in four managerial activities and they spend their time in different percentage among them.

1st activity is the Traditional management, that include decision making, planning and controlling, which takes %19 of effective managers’ time.

2nd Communication and discussion making: discussion, exchanging in routine information and processing documents that to be % 44 of the time,

3rd is the Human resource management: motivating, staffing,disciplining, training , and managing conflict to be %26 of the time.

Finally, in the 4th activity is the Networking which dealing with socializing, interacting with outsiders and politicking, that being %11 of the effective manager's time.

Effective and Ineffective Communication

Also, Mr,Luthans and Martinko highlighted in the book the characteristics of feedback for effective and ineffective Interpersonal communication in Human Resource Management(HRM) for the managers which segregated to Effective Feedback and Ineffective Feedback and also, reflecting their beliefs or pillars of the judging on others which very affective to be changed or align with effective approach.

The Effective Feedback contains Intended to help the employee, Specific, Descriptive, Useful, Timely, Considers employee readiness for feedback, Valid, and Clear.

On the other hand Ineffective Feedback include intended to belittle the employee, General, Evaluative, Inappropriate, Untimely, Makes the employee defensive, Not understandable, and Inaccurate.

Followers / subordinates

The manager’s followers / subordinates is critical as it is the one the factor that determined the difference between the managers in either successful or effective in addition to the planned goals that achieved and over whole accomplishments factors. 


One of the main feature of effective managers is the ability to make a difference by mobilizing their subordinates towards the planned goal and vision, then to share the success with them and others. However, it is kind of making a balance between power and humility.

The management sciences defined the successful manager as that manager who has the capability to be promoted and rises through the organization quickly. Where as an effective manager is the one who is talented to manage his own work and his team in the possible best way, thereby helping to attain the overall strategy of the organization. It makes sense that effective managers are more likely to be successful, that's to say success does not presume effectiveness. 

Last but not least

Recently management researches and articles explore that "Rational knowledge" is resulting the effectiveness that we looking for. “Knowledge is power” as the famous saying of Mr. Francis Bacon.

So, now judge,compare and evaluate what you need to be more effective and creative of influence not only in the work, but on the life as well and always remember that success does not presume effectiveness.

Farhan Hassan


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