Riyadh - SPA
Canadian Gov't., Intervention, in KSA Internal Affairs Violates Int'l Norms, Conventions, Human Rights Commission Promulgates

The Human Rights Commission condemned here today the intervention of the
Canadian Government, in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi
Arabia (KSA) and pointed out that this is a flagrant violation of the
relevant international conventions and norms.

The commission pointed out that the violation of the independence of
the judiciary, in the Kingdom, and its judicial procedures is totally
unacceptable, outrageous and totally inadmissible, reaffirming that the
investigation and trial procedures, in the Kingdom, provide the accused
with all the safeguards guaranteed to him, in accordance with the
regulations, in force, in the Kingdom and the international conventions
of which the Kingdom is a party, as reflected by reports presented by
the Kingdom, in full transparency and clarity, before the United Nations
contractual bodies.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the commission emphasized, as it
reaffirms the importance of protecting and promoting human rights, it,
at the same time, rejects politicization of human rights and

Saudi Arabia stresses respect of sovereignty of all states and
non-interference in their internal affairs and in implementation of such
a well-established international principle, the Kingdom doesn't never
accept and would never ever accept interference in its internal affairs,
or violation of its national sovereignty, including its independent
judiciary, judicial systems and penal procedures, under any pretext,
whatsoever it might be.

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