Riyadh "Riyadh Daily"

The roles played by the Kingdom are extraordinary that are not limited to the local development which is enhanced by ambitious plans represented in the Vision 2030, which is the goal we have been working on to reach. 

Through this goal, a socioeconomic change could be made for better future. These Saudi roles go far beyond to universality when they become the pillar of effective political and economic stability as a reliable partner in the regional and global decision making. 

Reliance by regional and international partners on the Kingdom is the fruit of balanced policies which deeply and authentically feature the Saudi political and economic thought which has become, by the grace of God then thanks to our leadership's wisdom, enlightened thinking and accumulated experiences in dealing with events, fully qualified to leave a distinguished mark that has become a slogan adopted in every responsible dealing that leads to magnificent results, not only confined to home but to the entire world.   

The yesterday session held by the Saudi Council of Ministers is the perfect witness to the deep and well management of the Saudi policy in its various trends. It discussed a number of topics that provides the near and the distant with a detailed image of the very important roles played by the Kingdom, from support to the stability of the oils markets and global economy's growth to the attention to the conditions of the Arab nations. The Kingdom is keen on achieving security and stability and paying attention to the Muslim World's affairs and through the sponsorship of the Two Holy Mosques, pilgrims and visitors. 

These roles cannot be led by a country by its own, but our country can do that. It places all these works in the circle of interest and works seriously and sincerely to accomplish these tasks.  

The Kingdom is a unique state and its responsibilities are the most perfect as witnessed by the entire world.

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