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Security Standards

The Kingdom's Vision 2030 focuses on developing the communications and information technology sector, in the era of the digital revolution and the emergence of modern technologies, and investing in advanced security technologies that will help achieve the goals and programs of the Vision. 

Therefore, the Kingdom's shows great interest in enhancing its cyber security, which meets the highest international security and reliability standards, and supports the investment of the economic and development opportunities provided by the rapid technical changes.

The Kingdom's achievements and initiatives in achieving cyber security are keep going, as it is one of the key pillars of the technical system in the Kingdom. 

The announcement made by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Deputy Prime Minister during the Global Cybersecurity Forum held in Riyadh, adopted two international initiatives to enhance the protection of cyberspace; the first is his international initiative to protect children in cyberspace, and the second is his initiative to empower women in cyber security. 

The announcement confirms the Kingdom’s interest in this field, its awareness of the global threats at the level of countries and individuals, and its intensive efforts to create a cyber world safe for all, with children and women among the most targeted by cyberspace threats.

The Kingdom has made many records in its cybersecurity, and it ranked 13th among 175 countries in the Global Cybersecurity Index recently issued by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and ranked first at the level of Arab countries. 

It is currently hosting the Global Cybersecurity Forum, that brings together the most prominent decision makers and experts, which coincides with its presidency of the Group of Twenty for 2020, with the aim to confront e-risks, enhance cyber security and effectively deal with its threats.

The Kingdom's leadership in cyber security is confirmed by its response to many attacks years ago on some systems of large corporates in order to destroy their electronic systems. 

The seriousness of cyber-attacks is that their economic damages are similar to those of traditional wars. According to global statistics, cyber security attacks threatened activities estimated at USD six trillion, equivalent to 70% of the global economy. 

With the digital revolution, the threats of attacks on sensitive systems and devices have increased, and some of them are funded by foreign countries that engage in international terrorism. 

This prompted the Kingdom to enhance its cyber security, especially after the establishment of the National Cybersecurity Authority, and investment in the development of human resources that are capable of addressing such serious threats.

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