By Dr. Talal Al-Harbi
Improving the Quality of Life in Kingdom

While the massive projects that Saudi Arabia is currently witnessing will undoubtedly improve the quality of life, what is most significant is the Kingdom’s Quality of Life initiative led by Council of Ministers Advisor Ahmed Al-Khateeb, under the directions of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
The Quality of Life initiative seeks to increase the happiness rate of Saudi citizens and improve their overall lives. Since the happiness rate varies from person-to-person, the program is based on the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, which include reaching the highest possible rates of happiness among the citizens.
Common people become happy when their concerns and fears are minimized. They will certainly feel happy if they feel safe, and are confident in their ability to achieve their dreams and secure the future of their families. This happiness is not just a smile on the face, but a strong emotion that motivates one to work and be productive.
Happiness is like an open corridor where one moves on, step by step – moving from one source of happiness to another. Some people misinterpret happiness to only mean expressions such as smiling and laughing. The Kingdom, praise be to Allah, is already in a state of happiness, but the primary idea behind the initiative is to further increase the level. People are living happily since the establishment of the Third Saudi State, but the goal is to boost productivity, which comes from happiness and a high quality of life.
The political stability experienced in the Kingdom today reflects positively in the happiness index of Saudi citizens. Add to this are key elements such as safety and security, the ambitious economic approach, the national transformation aimed at developing a productive society and economy, and the citizen's awareness of the coming changes. When parents are assured of their children’s future careers, the level of happiness surely increases manifold, leading to enhanced productivity.
Al-Khateeb is using a scientific methodology to ensure the success of the program, with Vision 2030 as the guiding force. The Vision holds the potential of bringing change in every aspect of our lives, ending whatever negativities that may have been present. 
Al-Khateeb recognizes that his mission is not easy, but he relies on the trust of the rulers and his commitment to patriotism. Achieving the impossible has become the hallmark of Al-Khateeb’s leadership.
What has already been achieved during such a short period – for instance, the formation of the General Entertainment Authority and the Saudi Arabian Military Industries Company – is standing evidence of the hard work that is being put towards achieving the Kingdom’s modernization goals.

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