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Reconstruction of Yemen

Laying the foundation stone for eight development projects in Al Mahrah Governorate under Saudi Arabian supervision and financing totaling up to USD 133 million, is an important step within the framework of a tremendous work to reconstruct Yemen and rid it of the effects of the Iranian plot that Yemen has almost been buffeted by.

The projects included a medical university and city, the rehabilitation of port and airport, rehabilitation and repair of roads, as well as the expansion and rehabilitation of water facilities, and the provision of electric power. These projects have come to disperse clouds that blocked the sun of hope from the residents of Al Mahrah and the rest of the Yemeni governorates since the implementation of the Safavid scheme kicked off in the state.

This type of projects, which is part of the everyday life of the Yemeni citizens, will drive the economy, provide job opportunities and provide decent life for the people of Al Mahrah, a matter which the Kingdom seeks throughout Yemen.

During the groundbreaking ceremony for the new projects in Al Mahrah, the words of Yemeni President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi came spontaneously from a heart that recognizes the size of the Kingdom's contribution to his country and its place in the hearts of the Saudis when he said "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia remains the preeminent in everything in Yemen". All Yemenis are aware of this fact and meet it with gratitude, while those who have sold themselves to the devil try to obliterate it.

When Hadi spoke about the Saudi precedence in helping Yemen, reiterated in more than one position that the Kingdom is the first despite the dangers and troubles. It is the one who initiates and responds to the call and continues to achieve security and prosperity for its people.

This is the tongue of the Yemeni citizen who is loyal to his country, aware of the efforts exerted to live in peace and tranquility on the land of his fathers and forefathers away from the forces of darkness that sought to deprive him of all the essentials of life.

Since its inception, the Kingdom's stances towards Yemen are constant and based on the values of fraternity and good neighborliness. It has spared no effort for the sake of the precious and the noble blood ties and same destiny. The Kingdom has never accepted, and will never, that its brothers would face death and live in ruins no matter what it costs.

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