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Bangladesh expats urged to promote Saudi- Bangla bilateral relations

Bangladesh Ambassador Golam Moshi urged his countrymen in Saudi Arabia to give of their best to strengthen bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.
The envoy was speaking at an Iftar hosted by his mission to the Non Resident Bangladeshi Professionals in Riyadh.
Expatriates from different occupations including local Businessman, University Teachers, Specialist doctors, Engineers participated in the meeting held preceding the Iftar.
Being ambassadors of their country, Moshi said that the Bangladesh expatriates could further promote trade, investments and cultural relations between the two countries.
"Bangladesh is marching ahead with significant developments in different sectors", Moshi said recalling that  Bangladesh recently graduated from LDC country to Developing Nation with more than seven percent annual growth.
He insisted  Expatriate Bangladeshis can play a vital role to make Bangladesh a middle income country by 2021 and a developed country by 2041.
Organized by the Economic Wing of the Embassy of Bangladesh, the Expatriate specialist Doctor Md. Kabiraj presided over the meeting.
Embassy's Economic Minster Dr. Abul Hasan apprised about the Bangladeshi government's various initiatives to facilitate and promote the NRBs experience, talent, investment and philanthropic activities in the country.
Deputy Chief of the Mission Dr. Nazrul Islam urged the expatriate’s professionals to involve themselves in the development of the country.
Among the Bangladeshi expatriates in the discussion, King Saud University Professor Dr. Rezaul Karim and Dr. Mohsin Kazi expressed interest in research, teaching and investment in Bangladesh and highlighted their interest and possibilities in many areas.

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