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Saudi-Pakistan relations represent a notable state of perfect harmony and consonance thanks to the many commonalities that reinforce the roots of this historical relationship that was born since the inception of this entity by the founder King Abdulaziz ibn Abdul Rahman, may his soul rest in peace. Kings of this country have been keen on bridging communication between the two countries and deepening cooperation and friendship. 

This has bestowed upon the Saudi-Pak relationship a distinctive mental image that is permanent and dynamic. It continues with the same harmony, understanding, respect and affection reflected by the mutual official visits between the leaders of the two countries since the foundation to this very day, witnessing quantum leaps at all levels in the relationship and bringing benefits to the two nations.

The visit of His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman – God protect him - to Pakistan comes to strengthen this distinctive relationship, especially as Pakistan is an important ally and partner in many religious, historical and cultural commonalities. 

Pakistan also works with the Kingdom in the fight against extremism and terrorism and to promote peace and moderation among peoples, especially as dangers of terrorism have grown significantly, and the terrorist operations are very grave and fierce and carried out in advanced methods leaving behind victims and losses. These terrorist operations  are carried out by groups driven by evil countries through highly-sophisticated tools and mechanisms, exposing the world to heavy horrible losses as equal as those left by wars.

The visit of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman to Pakistan is complementary to the efforts of cooperation between the two countries in various fields. They both emphasize the value of tolerance, moderation and the culture of love and harmony, considering that culture is also a normative and symbolic cognitive heritage that empowers people to adapt and accept others and consciously deal with our circumstances as human beings sharing an existential sphere that requires adaptation to the constraints of this existence and its vicissitudes.

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