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The visit of His Highness the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz to Kuwait, which is his first Gulf visit after becoming the Crown Prince, has come to confirm the dear neighbor's status for the leadership and the people of the Kingdom.

The meeting of Prince Mohammed bin Salman with Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah stressed the strong and deep relations between the two ruling families and the two brotherly peoples. The warm welcome received by His Highness the Saudi Crown Prince for his second country, Kuwait, has provided a great title for the historical and strategic dimensions and international standing of Kuwait.

The Kingdom is the closest Gulf country to Kuwait. Their relationship has interacted with the various events in the region and has reflected synergy and unity in attitudes, family cohesion and convergent visions, reinforced by the meeting of Prince Mohammed bin Salman with the Kuwaiti leadership, a matter which will take the relations of the two important states to wider horizons.

Observer of the Gulf affair realizes that the region is at a critical juncture which requires consolidation of visions and bigger rapprochement to confront the challenges that are topped by the continuous Iranian attempts aimed at penetrating the Gulf ranks, destabilizing the countries of the region, countering terrorism and its financing, and the necessary strategic coordination between the two countries towards the issues and developments of the Arab region.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have embarked on their successful regional and international march. In order to increase their coordination, the Saudi-Kuwaiti Coordination Council has been established with all fields of cooperation and joint action between the two countries under its umbrella to serve the interests of both countries and support their joint action.

At this time when oil prices are keeping rises, and as the Kingdom and Kuwait are members of OPEC, we are expected to see the fruits of the Crown Prince's visit with regard to increasing the compatibility of the oil policy of the two countries, a matter that leads to some sort of stability in the oil markets.

The Crown Prince, with his visit to Kuwait, has reinforced the bonds of relations, cooperation and the historic and strategic rapprochement between two countries which represent a difficult figure for the enemies of success, security and stability.

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