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Riyadh-based Al-Masmak Palace Takes the Most Popular Electronic Games' List, in the World, by Storm

Al-Masmak Palace, one of the most important landmarks of the old city,
in Riyadh, has taken the world famous game: King of Fighters by storm,
as one of the squares of the game was named after the arena of the city
of Riyadh.

It was designed, by Saudi girl Mashael Al-Barrak, according to the
style of the historic Palace of Al-Masmak, on the backdrop of the modern
buildings and towers, in the nowadays robust and modern city of Riyadh.

The step took place, following Manga for Production, an affiliate of
the Foundation of Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz "Misk Charity",
inserting of the character of "Saudi Najd" in the game "King of
Fighters", in collaboration with SNK, the Japanese company.

At the time of putting the character at avail, at PlayStation stores
and on computers, worldwide, Riyadh Square has been included among
officially professional gaming grounds.

Since, Najd has managed to achieve global interaction with media
coverage, in more than 50 news sites, in nine different languages,
meanwhile related tweets hailing the character have reached about 1600
around the world, as it managed to appear before eight and a half
million people.

The story of Najd's character and the open-air arena, in Riyadh,
dates back to last September, when Manga Productions launched a social
networking contest to design a skilled martial arts character.

It was selected from among 300 designs from Saudi Arabia, UAE, the
Kingdom of Bahrain, the Sultanate of Oman, the Republic of Iraq and
other Arab countries, and won Mashael Al-Barrak, who drew a character
that was admired by the King of Fighters' director Oda Yasuyuki for the
idea of the character as well as unique design.

Manga Productions co- signed an investment agreement with SNK last
year, during the MESC Global Forum, in the presence of Manga Productions
Chairman Bader Al-Askar and Chairman of SNKJ Lihue.

On the other hand, the Chief Executive Officer of Manga Production
Dr. Issam Bukhari pointed out that the company seeks to enrich Arab
content and to deliver Saudi culturally-loaded messages to the world,
through developing and backing up local capabilities and talents, via
taking advantage of the world standard experience and technologies, in
the animation industry and video games, in order to indigenize them,
later on, to the benefit of the society.

Perhaps the most significant indicators of the Najd appeal to the
public, the widespread drawings shown by admirers of the character, from
all over the world, as it could be considered as the first Saudi
character of its kind securing such appeal to video games' fans, whose
numbers have exceeded 17 billion users, in 2017.

King of Fighters is one of the official games in the AFC and during
upcoming events are scheduled to be held, in Saudi Arabia and the Middle

Manga Productions, for its part, will announce training programs for
Saudi youths next summer, at SNK, in collaboration with Misk

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