Riyadh Daily
Road to the future

Never before has Saudi Arabia seen such a qualitative transformation process. While former transformation phases did indeed see major achievements on the domestic and internal fronts, the ongoing effort prepares the Kingdom for the future, while addressing key present-day issues.
In his interview to The Telegraph, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman highlighted the methodology adopted by the government to build the nation’s future and fulfill the objectives set by Saudi Vision 2030.
We can already see the early fruits of the Vision. We can feel them in various aspects of our lives. Of course, the task being undertaken by the Crown Prince is tall indeed. He leads reforms wherever required to fulfill the aspirations of Saudi nationals.
Here, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s views come to mind. He said that critics do not understand the reforms going on in Saudi Arabia, which are all solely for the benefit of the common people. This truly is an unbiased view.

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