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Different Education

Our national project of Vision 2030, which encompasses all walks of life, expressed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as "Vision 2030" is a bold and achievable plan for an ambitious nation.
It reflects our long-term ends and hopes, builds on the unique strengths and capabilities of our country and charts our aspirations for a new development phase aiming to create a vibrant society wherein all citizens can realize their dreams, hopes and aspirations for a thriving national economy.
Education is a very important element in the realization of the Vision. It builds successive generations that take part in the realization of the Vision and benefits from its results. Just as we are about to start a new school year tomorrow, we should say what should be said, and grant everyone their due right through watching and following up the educational achievement and the goals sought to be realized. Yesterday, it was the occasion to launch early childhood schools and the opening of the first school building of eight-year stalled Chinese projects. It is truly a full-fledged model school that will contribute to creating a sophisticated learning environment, not only helping to communicate information, but stimulating the development of thought of students and developing talents and abilities in manner commensurate with our mighty national project.
What we have heard from the Minister of Education and the educational facilities that we have seen give us a vision of what the status of education will be in the coming years in our country with regard to development that is not limited to buildings only, although their development is very important element paralleled with the intellectual element that is the basis. We have heard about ambitious plans that are considered a qualitative leap once implemented and they also include the educational cadre and the development of its capacities in order to convey its message and do its major task properly.
Changing the pattern of education with its miscellaneous elements is a prerequisite. Being in a rapidly changing world requires us to strongly establish the students in their early stages of life, after which they move to broader horizons of different degrees of education, and they are fully prepared to get into them.

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