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Troublesome Iran

The troublesome Iranian regime continues to deliberately commit its crimes against the neighboring countries, with a clear conscience and an open appetite to the greatest extent possible. In the world of politics, this regime continues to spread terrorism in the region by embracing terrorist groups and armed militias in Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. These militias succeeded in stirring strife and chaos in these countries, controlling their capabilities and confiscating their political decisions.

Today, with the emerging crisis of the Corona virus, Iran is committing new crimes of another kind, but more deadly, when it contributed to spreading the disease in its territories "first", then exporting it to the neighboring countries "secondly", in ways that indicate this regime's carelessness about the global health crisis and its grave consequences for the life of humankind and the future of countries and peoples.

The Iranian authorities are still practicing deliberate misleading by ignoring putting their stamp on the passports of Saudi citizens who visited it specifically, as if they provide a great service to them, a matter which contributes to spreading the virus more and faster. Such actions that violate the regulations followed in the international travel outlets, reflect the mentality of Tehran's regime, which does not refrain from committing any behavior whatsoever, and regardless of innocent victims, although it is inconsistent with the basic norms of reason and logic.

Today, Iran has unmasked its true colors to the Saudi citizens who fell ill in Iran, and realized that they had fallen victim to recklessness, ignorance, and carelessness of the Tehran authorities.

The way Iran deals with the crisis of the Corona disease can only be described as a crime against its citizens and all humanity. The disease is out and about in the Iranian cities. The regime does not care about the health of its citizens and does not take the necessary precautions to confront the spread of the virus inside. The funds of the Iranian people go to the treasry of armed militias and terrorist groups around the world, which confirms that it is a repressive dictatorial regime that only cares for its reckless political goals, even to the detriment of human values ​​and principles.

Today, it is confirmed to everyone that the mullahs ’regime poses a great danger to the world, in war and peace, and that confronting it is obligatory for all countries but not one country in particular. There is no difference between exporting terrorism, weapons and the principles and goals of the Iranian revolution, and exporting a deadly virus, as both aredetrimental for humans and stability.

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