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Shura Council Delegation Explain Pivotal Humanitarian Role, Played by KSA, in the Region, the world

The delegation of the Shura Council headed by the Chairman of the Saudi-Polish Parliamentary Friendship Committee Dr. Abdulmohsen Al Al-Sheikh has paid a visit to the Republic of Poland, during which he met with a number of officials and parliamentary committees' heads in the Polish Parliament.
During the meetings, the relations of cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the Republic of Poland were discussed, in the investment and economic aspects, in addition to the developments, in the region, in addition to the issue of terrorism and related security risks. Parliamentary relations between the Shura Council, the Polish Parliament and issues of common interest were also reviewed.
The two sides stressed the importance of activating the role of the friendship committees, in the two chambers which have a role in exploring wider horizons for cooperation relations to serve the interests of both countries and their friendly peoples.
Chairman of the Committee briefed the Polish officials on the Kingdom's international standing in international and regional organizations, pointing to its political weight, at various levels and its support for world peace and stability as well as its efforts, in humanitarian action and assistance to the affected peoples and support the right of self-determination, in accordance with the principles of international law, the resolutions of the United Nations and its affiliate humanitarian organizations.
Dr. Abdulmohsen Al Al-Sheikh pointed to the Kingdom's responsibility for the separation of twins as part of its humanitarian approach. He stressed that the Kingdom is at the forefront of countries in providing charitable and humanitarian works, at the regional and international levels.
He stressed the Kingdom's commitment to its regional, Arab and global role in maintaining security and stability, in the world. He pointed out that the Kingdom has taken on a number of important files, in the region, in order to achieve security and peace.
Pointing to the continuation of Iran absurd policy in the region and interference in the affairs of its countries, he said that situation has created fertile ground for the emergence of terrorist and extremist groups and generated a sectarian trend that has become a threat to the stability of the countries and peoples of the region.
Al Al-Sheikh reiterated the Kingdom's commitment to its role in supporting Yemen to achieve stability and security. He also asserted that the Kingdom is responding to the Yemeni people and their legitimate government, in the belief that standing with the brotherly Yemeni people is a moral duty.
In turn, Dr. Thamer Al-Barrak, a delegate criticized the nuclear agreement with Iran, which did not produce positive results.
For its part, the Polish side stressed the important role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the region, as a strategic partner for stability in the region, in light of tensions in the Middle East, stressing, at the same time the need to strengthen economic and educational cooperation between the Kingdom and Poland and the importance of intensifying the exchange of parliamentary visits, between two countries for their important role in strengthening the joint relations between the Kingdom and Poland.
The Polish side valued the humanitarian role of the Kingdom, which was represented by the Kingdom guaranteeing the process of separating the Polish conjoint twins.
It also supported the position of the Kingdom, in Yemen, and reaffirmed their support for the measures taken by the Kingdom, in this regard, to safeguard the security and territorial integrity of its citizens.
The Polish side denounced the Iranian nuclear pact, noting that the agreement did not include ballistic missiles and, thus, enabled Iran to retain nuclear technology to resume nuclear tests whenever it wanted.
Poland also denounced, at the same time, the aggressive and provocative policies by Iran towards the countries of the region, stressing the agreement between the Kingdom and Poland to fight against Iranian terrorism.
The Polish side welcomed the qualitative and fundamental change that is taking place, in the Kingdom, especially with regard to the empowerment of the women to shape the Kingdom's future policies, through the Kingdom Vision 2030, led by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Vice President of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Defense.

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