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Fear and Caution

Corona has caused widespread panic in the international circles, in a new image identical to the spread of some of the epidemics that had previously spread, although the World Health Organization (WHO) has not raised the white flag to the new disease and considered it in a degree that is not up to the stage of the epidemic.

In spite of the reassurances sent by the WHO, societies have taken an upward line towards Corona, and this situation has resulted in some people claiming to be doctors, making recipients believe their claims.

In fact, intimidation against Corona has reached a very advanced stage, despite the vast reassurances of countries and their tireless and accelerated action to take all measures to eliminate the rumors that created an atmosphere of terror and sensitivity to everything.

Measures taken by the Kingdom, leader of the Islamic world, which have received widespread welcome from the local and Islamic communities, are real evidence of its keenness to keep Islamic sanctities free from any epidemic in honor of the place, performers of Umrah and visitors.

Despite this tidal wave of intimidation against the seriousness of Corona, we still see light at the end of the tunnel. Many of those interested in health and observers of this disease assert that it is a transient disease that can be like other viruses, and that by joining together efforts, Corona will be under control.

The latest testimonies about this disease came from the director of the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology, who testified before a committee in Congress, saying that deaths from other diseases, especially flu, are much greater than deaths from the new virus. He even emphasized that children are the least vulnerable to this virus, calling for taking precautionary measures, avoiding crowded places and not mixing with the infected. These are the same messages that medical professionals knowing about this disease launched, responding to those who made garlic and onions a treatment, and those who took the lead in the scene, giving a dark picture, in a climate of terrifying and intimidating people.

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