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Investment Era

The Kingdom is moving into a new era of serious investments which will reinforce the economic scene of the country and take it to the ranks of countries attracting both domestic and foreign investment. This is thanks to the Kingdom's qualitative opportunities and modern work mechanisms that ensure full success to these opportunities and achieve the entire objectives. This content will be a major objective of the Public Investment Fund (PIF), when the third round of the Future Investment Initiative kicks off today, in line with forward-looking visions on the national economy through gigantic investments in all fields.

The initiative, in its third edition, is an integral part of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 which is based on three main pillars that will shape the image of the Kingdom's future. These pillars are "a vibrant society, a prosperous economy, and an ambitious homeland". 

They all share one goal which is orienting the country for the post-oil era, diversification of the sources of economy, development of the production structure and creation of new income-generating sectors, aiming to reduce the full dependence on oil revenues in a world experiencing a major transformation towards the post-oil era.

Indicators read that the Initiative will be a success, especially since all its speakers are decision-makers, major investors and international experts. 

Their gathering in one place explores the economic trends and upcoming opportunities, highlights future industries and enriches the discussion on the investment's ability to contribute to the advancement of development in the Kingdom, and its implications for development in the region and the world.

The greatest thing about the Initiative this year is that it will move away from mechanisms of traditional investment and look to the future by exploring new models of innovation and investment, contributing to the enhancement of financial returns, and supporting sustainability in aspects of technical life for the benefit of all. 

Moreover, the Initiative will promote the infrastructure for serious investment with greater feasibility through the development of regulatory and trade policies to guide future growth in the technology sector. 

This aims to create an advanced society, establish systems and adopt a culture that promotes the best human practices in the era of machinery.

Additionally, the Initiative touches upon the strategic depth of the Vision 2030's objectives with a three-summit program that addresses the impact of changes on the commercial, entertainment and community aspects and their implications for pushing forward the wheel of innovation and creating investment opportunities. 

This embodies the Kingdom's orientation within the period to come, and provide the investment climate in the Kingdom to attract a myriad of capitals which look for the suitable opportunity to access the Kingdom's business markets and make bountiful gains.

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