Riyadh Daily
Truth Statement

The detailed statement made by the Public Prosecutor's Office on the case of the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was comprehensive, transparent and decisive. The statement left no room and doubt for any speculations or questionable assumptions adopted by hostile entities to the Kingdom prior to the issuance of the detailed statement that connected the dots and had the final say.
The Kingdom is the state of law, justice and rights. For this reason, the statement was based on this lawful approach adopted by the Kingdom in dealing with this kind of issues and matters. We have been raised to say the truth and in the way of Allah we would not be afraid of the blame of the blamers. This was done by the Public Prosecutor's Office that detailed facts of the case and declared them to the whole world. The statement also identified those involved in the case, calling for punishing those who committed the crime. This lawful procedure is followed by sovereign States, which take justice as a firm principle. All world countries praised this Saudi measure, considering it a sound and correct step on the way of truth. In addition, the Saudi legal procedure confirms that the Kingdom is the state of law and rights.
The statement made by the Saudi Public Prosecution shut all tongues up and all lair media channels stopped lying in front of the strength of the truth declared by the Kingdom.

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