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Unexplained Bias

In its testimony to Congress regarding the efforts of the Arab Coalition to ensure the safety of civilians in Yemen, the US administration has put an end to a media campaign based on allegations which are difficult to understand and adopted by many international organizations and bodies.

For his part, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pointed to the measures taken by the Kingdom and the UAE to reduce the risk of civilian casualties and civilian infrastructure harms during the military operations in Yemen. Asserting that these measures can be proved, Pompeo has dealt a blow to all those who question the integrity of the Arab Coalition's efforts to support legitimacy in Yemen.

Another statement issued by US Secretary of Defense James Matisse is in the same direction as he revealed that the Kingdom and the UAE are making every effort to reduce the fall of civilians as victims and avoid any collateral damage. This is another testimony that proves that all the claims made by organizations on maintaining human rights are just groundless.

In the Yemeni crisis, it became clear that the people's battle against the Houthi group of Iran has taken many forms and paths. Probably, the most difficult and bitterest of them at the same time is the bias of many international organizations, led by the United Nations, to the aggressor side of the Houthi party, which turned against the legitimacy and waged an open war on all the Yemeni components.

The Yemenis are most aware that what protracts their suffering is the bias of the United Nations and its organizations towards the Iranian-backed Houthi murderer, and that the accusations against the national government or the Arab Coalition that has come to save Yemen at the request of legitimacy are nothing but an attempt to cover the international community's failure to compel everyone to implement its decisions.

Simple Yemeni citizens know that the misguiding reports of their crisis have not mentioned a single letter about the Houthi militias' targeting of residential neighborhoods, killing of civilians, abduction and recruitment of children, turning off water, obstruction of aid convoys and other crimes and violations of all the principles of international law.

A myriad of facts are recognized by the Yemenis who are living the crisis in all its dimensions. Yet, what is difficult for them is to find out why an international organization in the size of the United Nations and bodies and associations falling under it are biased to the murderer and cover up his crimes.

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