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Assassination of Yemen Future

The world is still recognizing the true self of the terrorist Houthi militias day by day after it used to think they were a political party which cared about the interest of Yemen. Yet, the mask has fallen down to show the true ugly face of these sectarian militias that do not care about the interest of Yemen and the Yemeni people who have been suffering from the  abusive practices adopted by these militias as directed by Tehran.
Western media have recently been alert to these facts that we have known for long, and begun to uncover the Houthi's practices of stealing food aid, as UN officials admitted to the British Guardian that "their dependence on political parties like the Houthis was a grave mistake."
Western media have not mentioned that the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militias have recruited more than 23.000 children, in violation of the international conventions and children rights protection laws, including 2500 children since the beginning of 2018.
Houthi militias have also pushed more than 2 million children into the labor market owing to war conditions, and have deprived more than 4.5 million children of education, including 1.6 million children who have been denied schooling in the last two years.
Houthi militias bombarded and destroyed 2.372 schools partially and fully, and used more than 1500 other schools as prisons and military barracks.
All the rights of Yemeni children to education, health, security, stability and sports have been violated by the Houthis. They have been all stripped off their rights, which are politicized, and directed to the children of Yemen to death and fighting in defense of the Houthi project.
The militias' coupist war has turned more than 11 million children in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. It has also deprived 6 million children of clean drinking water and sanitation services and made them suffer from a variety of diseases and epidemics because of the Houthi violations. Additionally, 1.8 million suffer from malnutrition, including 600 children are struggling to survive.
The awakening of the Western media may be overdue, and its discovery of facts after a long time is better than continuing to overlook them. There is a myriad of facts that have been missed, despite their clarity, by the international organizations and the Western media, and it is time to uncover the terrorist truth of Houthi militias to the world.

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