By Jolie Kavar
New US Sanctions Will Ignite Protests

New US sanctions will ignite protests and easing the currency won’t solve a lot. Iran’s been busy replacing sanction’s losses from one end and getting to protests. It’s not the matter of sanctions looming anymore but how Iranians will react. A lot is said by officials on who is organizing the protests. One report concludes the leading force to recent uprisings began in December. It states the force behind it to be the MEK.
The MEK was targeted at their annual gathering with key US figures present. A terrorist couple received explosives from an Iranian diplomat in Austria. They were to operate the terror plan in Paris last June.
On 5 August, the Fars News Agency – belonging to Iran’s hardliners made this comment. They target the biggest or the only true Iranian opposition movement. The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) used to be in Iraq. It was recognized as a government in exile there. Its members had created a city known as Ashraf in Diyala.

Iran fears anti-government protests
Fars writes on Sunday, Maryam Rajavi came to support certain soundless hypocrites inside the country. They form cores of multiple people inside Iran. These are active insurgents [pro-MEK supporters] who stir trouble.
The hypocrites first gave instruction to these people to become insurgent units. A unit is understandable in maths and goes to tens and thousands. Their connection is set up on the internet. They’ve been able to click the start button on recent turmoil.
The first stage is for them to write slogans on walls then make banners and take footages. Then they are trained into becoming a partisan to make the unit strong. In fact, they are turned into a militia. Something Rajavi started out in 1979. In one of their statement abiding a terrorist morale. They announce that the only way out of a dead end is to get armed.

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