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Stopping Misguidance

Today, in Makkah, the most holy place in the world and next to the Ka'ba, the Islamic Summit is held in its fourteenth session, preceded by two extraordinary Gulf and Arab summits. All these summits are important in their region. 

Although the Gulf and Arab summits differ in their outlines, but they are as important as the Islamic Summit with regard to finding solutions to many issues in which Arab and Islamic interests overlap.

All these summits would not have been held unless the Kingdom was supportive of the first two summits. 

As for the third summit, the Kingdom will preside over the next session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). 

When the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques called for two Gulf and Arab summits to coincide with the Islamic Summit, his call came in the right time and place to put the Arab and Islamic regions in the focus of responsibility for the direct and indirect Iranian attacks  which have reached the audacity to target the Ka'ba more than once through the Houthi arms, in addition to recent sabotage operations that targeted ships in the UAE's economic waters, and also the drone which targeted oil lines in the Kingdom, a matter that certainly threatens the global oil supplies if Iran persists in its aggressive situation.

The Kingdom is aware of its Gulf and Arab and Islamic responsibilities and plays unforeseen roles even in order to maintain security, stability and development in these forums which are united by race, religion, politics and economy. 

Yet, the Arab and Islamic countries are also required to do their duty to deter Iran in exporting its aggressive policies to the Gulf States and the Arab and Islamic worlds as everyone knows. 

The unity of ranks and the unity of the word are essential prerequisites for confronting all the dangers facing us, topped by the Iranian threat whose misguidance must be stopped indefinitely.

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