Riyadh Daily
Missile madness

The ballistic missiles fired by the Iran-backed Houthi militias towards Saudi Arabia’s population centers are a serious offense that needs be carefully looked into. They not only undermine the Kingdom’s security, but also the peace of the region and the entire world. Such madness is a desperate attempt by the militias to put up a brave front and demonstrate whatever little capabilities they have.
The international community should assume responsibility for ending such dangerous games being played by Iran its cronies. Mere denunciations do not have any effect on the Houthi who continue their attempts to destabilize the Kingdom, though of no avail.
Despite the failed attempts of the Houthis, the Kingdom can no longer keep silent while terrorists are directing its missiles towards its cities, including the holy city of Makkah, the capital, Riyadh, and the southern border areas. These senseless Iranian-Houthi attacks must be stopped. The international community must adopt a firm and decisive stance against the militias just as done by Saudi Arabia. Or else, the Houthi example may be emulated by other similar terrorist groups.
The fact that Saudi Arabia is fully capable of defending its territories and defeating its enemies does not absolve the international community of its duties to uphold peace and stability in every part of the world.

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