Riyadh - SPA
Saudi Arabia Discusses Opportunities of Exporting its Agricultural Products to Netherlands

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture organized a virtual mini-conference with the Dutch side under the title "Exporting high quality Saudi agricultural products to the Netherlands", to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing import and export from Saudi Arabia to the Netherlands, enhance production capacity and localize advanced technologies in the Kingdom.

This mini-conference, which was held yesterday in cooperation with the Dutch embassy in the Kingdom, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, the General Authority for Civil Aviation, the Saudi Export Development Authority, and a number of private sector companies and major agricultural projects, comes to discuss the mechanisms and tools that can be used to make this works.

The Director General of the General Administration of Plant Wealth at the Ministry, Dr. Sulaiman Al-Khatib, explained that the ministry has introduced advanced technologies for agricultural production such as vegetables and fruits, as it aims to export products supported by modern technologies mainly when the quantities are increased in the local market, and maintaining the increase in farmers' income by reducing competition during the production season.

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