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Relationship Taking Root

Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to the Kingdom was not only historic. His meeting with Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, was not an ordinary event. It was a highly significant and deep visit giving a sincere indication of the specificity of the Saudi-Russian relationship and the pure official protocol nature. The important talk between the two great leaders reflected the strong and deep-rooted relationship.

The Russian President delivered a speech after the meeting, stressing his great pleasure with the visit to the Kingdom after twelve years and that this Saudi-Russian relationship extends to an early time began in 1926, and witnessed a remarkable development reflected by the mutual visits between leaders and senior officials of the two countries. 

He noted the positive impact of these visits on pushing the relations to further joint cooperation in the political, economic, scientific, cultural and other fields.

The Russian President asserted that the Kingdom plays a pivotal and deep role in the international stability and security, as well as the stability of the oil market, a matter that confirms the Kingdom's central role which is growing day by day, especially in light of the confused conditions witnessed by the region owing to the attempts of the Iranian regime to impose hegemony and instability, as well as Turkey's current attacks on Syria. 

He added that this doubles the role of the Kingdom as a key player in ensuring the stability of the region.

Such mutual visit between the Kingdom and the Russian Federation push the two countries forward to broader horizons. The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques affirmed on a previous occasion: "We are fully convinced that there are great opportunities that contribute to diversifying and expanding the base of economic cooperation between the two countries, and finding an economic, commercial and investment ground that is able to further exploit and strengthen the comparative advantages for the benefit of both countries, as well as promoting the trade exchange in all its axes in accordance with the vision of the Kingdom's Vision 2030. We are determined to push the relations of the two countries to broader horizons, where the Kingdom has been experiencing a historic and crucial stage of overall development. This stage has been translated in the Kingdom's Vision 2030, and we aspire for the cooperation of our friend Russia to implement the programs of this vision to serve the shared interests.

The visit promised a lot of development and joint cooperation, which will undoubtedly contribute to strengthening the relationship between the two countries, a matter which will have a great impact on the future of the two countries and the world in terms of the region's stability in all areas, whether the oil market or in terms of security and enhancement of economic and political aspects.

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