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US, Russian spacefarers arrive at International Space Station

Two US astronauts and a Russian cosmonaut arrived at the International Space Station on Wednesday in a Russian-designed Soyuz spacecraft, dpa reported. NASA astronauts Mark Vande Hei and Joe Acaba, together with
Alexander Misurkin of Russian space agency Roscosmos, arrived at around
0300 GMT after a six-hour flight from the Baikonur launch facility in
the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan, NASA said in a statement. The spacefarers, scheduled to stay until February, brought the total
number of crewmembers aboard the station to six, joining US astronaut
Randolph Bresnik, Russian cosmonaut Sergei Ryazansky and Italy's Paolo
Nespoli of the European Space Agency. More than 200 people have been aboard the space station in its 16
years of continuous operation, "advancing scientific knowledge and
demonstrating new technologies, making research breakthroughs not
possible on Earth that will enable long-duration human and robotic
exploration into deep space," NASA said.

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