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Merited Position

The Kingdom sensed the gravity of the Corona epidemic (COVID-19) that has prevailed in the whole world, and called for to a G20 summit to discuss this new situation and its political, economic or health effects on the international community.

This call comes from the Kingdom as the current president of the G20, and a major player on the international map, being aware that such dilemmas are not experienced by a one single country.

The Kingdom has been a part of every effort made by the United Nations, as it has been the main financier for its international organizations. It has always been there for helping the afflicted, sheltering the homeless and supporting the poor, and thus received praise from the United Nations and its various organizations. The Kingdom's contributions have not been limited to specific entities, but all the UN funds have received their shares of donations.

The Kingdom's call for this urgent summit comes in this context, because the world is going through an exceptional situation at all levels. It had to move, because Corona's effects have hit all countries, and the global economic turmoil we are seeing now speaks for it. This is in addition to the health reality of many countries including the developed countries, wherein the health system has reached the point of the collapse in countries that everyone considered to be medically immune from these epidemics, or that they are able to face any emergency epidemic.

The Kingdom, which assumes the leadership of the Arab and Islamic worlds, cannot stand idly by and watch as these economic and health collapses surrounding the world, so it confirmed its holistic view that the world represents a single entity that should stand together in the face of all the disturbances that may get in its way, and asserted that effort should be collective, but not limited to one country only.

Fair history will mention this positive role of the Kingdom while always rushing to help the needy and fight against poverty, ignorance and homelessness, supported by its firm rapid response and contribution to finding solutions to any humanitarian disaster striking the world.

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